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All displayed services include the appropriate fabric, containers and serving utensils to create a
fun, yet easily accessible, sweet experience for you and your guests
(In the Mobile Sweet Shoppe or a Sweet Shoppe Candy Station)

Up to 6 flavors  of our freshly spun, organic cotton candy

A combination of traditional bulk candy  (**See  below)

Up to 3 flavors of our freshly spun, organic cotton candy & up to 6 flavors of salt
water taffy & up to 3 flavors of gourmet flavored popcorn

Candy, cake pops & cookies

Candy, cake pops, cookies, gourmet flavored popcorn & cotton candy combo
Sweet Shoppe Candy Station: When it is not possible to have
the Mobile Sweet Shoppe trailer itself we offer a portable
option! We can create a sweets & treats display made to
replicate the feel of our Mobile Sweet Shoppe where each guest
can serve themselves "buffet" style.
Our goal is to bring the thrill and excitement of a sweet shoppe
to your event or business!

Depending on the space and budget for your event, th
ere are several services we
can provide. We are
open to your ideas and suggestions and can customize
something just for you. Call or
email us to set up a complimentary consultation to
go over your options or to get a quote.
Contact us today!
Mobile Sweet Shoppe: The first of its kind, the Mobile Sweet
Shoppe is a hybrid of the popular gourmet mobile food trucks
mixed with the nostalgia of an old fashioned candy shop. You
walk in and through a 20 foot mobile sweet shoppe while
surrounded by  the sights, sounds, and smells of your
It is a new and exciting concept that will be sure to

(The mobile sweet shoppe is only able to travel within Santa Clara County at this time)
**Standard candy assortment includes various favorite/popular candies and may
vary based on availability. It generally includes: hard candy, chocolate covered
items (nuts, pretzels, etc) gummy items , sour items , salt water taffy,  bubble
gum , swirl lollipops,  malted balls, M&M’s, licorice, etc. There will be something for

Custom candy can be ordered if you want specific items (colors, type, etc)

You can supply your own bags/containers, use the standard ones we provide, or
order upgraded bags/packaging from us. We can also create custom labels for you.

You are welcome to personalize the Mobile Sweet Shoppe with framed display
photos, banners, signs, music,a slideshow on a laptop or iPad, etc. Feel free to be
creative! (All items brought into the mobile sweet shoppe must have prior approval
before the day of the event)
Our 20 foot Mobile Sweet Shoppe is available for mobile food
truck events, art & wine festivals, street fairs, farmers
markets, etc. We are willing to go just about anywhere there
is room for us to park
(or set up a table for indoor for smaller

We will enhance your event or business by bringing our
exciting, one-of-a-kind concept right to you and cross
promoting for increased exposure
Fundraisers: We are happy to roll out our Mobile Sweet
Shoppe and help your cause by donating a percentage of our
sales towards your fundraising efforts.
Birthday Parties, Weddings, Baby/Bridal Showers, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs,
Corporate Events, you name it!